Terms & conditions

When booking, you accept the following T&C.

Cancellations and refunds

Reservations in any of the cabins can be cancelled without penalty more than 5 days prior to the date of arrival. If a cancellation occurs within the 5 days, the deposit is lost and the balance is due unless the host is able to resell.

Reservations in the Bungalow follow the same rule as above with a 7 days period. If the cancellation occurs within 7 days of arrival, the balance is due as follows: nightly base price only for all or part of the stay (long stays).

Termination of stay

The host may choose to terminate your stay without refund if you violate a property rule such as – but non-exhaustive – the pet rules listed in the FAQ, the no loud or late party rule, or serious damage to the property.

The guest may terminate their stay at any time but there will be no refund unless there are reasonable grounds for doing so. For example, the property loses access to water or electricity for an extended period of time (not a simple maintenance).